- For tokens with games like Magic the Gathering.

Game 1

Playing time of one game
20 minutes

Number of players
1 till 10

Age to play
8 till 99

Target of the game
Get the same points of each of your closed cards.

Game setup
Every player gets 7 cards in hand.
Every player looks at there cards and lay down the highest and lowest card in hand closed on table in front of them.

The first player
The person who counts his or her age may start first. 8 is 8 and 19 is 10 and 33 is 6.

First player
The first player lay down a card and tells the other players whats on the card.
By laying down a card the player starts to making a row.
The player draws a card from the pile. If a player draws a card the player ends his turn.

Its the next players turn.

This player makes row by placing a card on the table or he fits a card by a other player. Every player may make one line and place there cards in any row.

If the player makes a new row. The player lay down a card and tells the other players whats on the card.

If the player plays a card in a row from an other player the player makes the som and tels this to the other players. (There is a +5 on the table and the player lays down a card with -2. The player says: 5 - 2 = 3.

The player draws a card and ends his turn.

And so on.

To win the game players have to make rows with where the total som is the number on one of the closed cards on the table. The player claims the row.

Rows claiming
Every player must first lay down a card to claim a row.

Game situations
A row must have at least 4 cards or more when a player wants to claim the row.

Claiming error
If a player claims a row and the som of the cards is not on his closed cards. This player gets a extra closed card on table. Now this player must claim an extra row.

New draw pile
The cards where the som together is 0 are going directly to a new closed draw pile. Cards like -5 and +5 also -1 and +1.  If there are no cards from the first draw pile the new one will be shuffled and become the new draw pile.

The player who make the numbers of the closed cards on the table with the rows is the winner.

No tips jet...

We wish you a lot of joy, invent and gameplay with Dice. Good luck!